Under the knife


My best friend is the one person who knows that I’m crazy but still loves me anyway. So thankful for these 4 years of friendship @jialeeeee πŸ’ž
My source of motivation in the morning || Walnut pie made by mum || Happy holidays!!!
Tiramisu lovers will definitely love this place.  (at The Tiramisu Hero)
A great catch up session with my most beloved @jialeeeee. Cheers to more off day like this πŸ’• (at The Tiramisu Hero)
What’s morning without breakfast?
at Empire State , Woodlands
Let’s burn some fat. πŸ’ͺ (at Amore Fitness @ City Square Mall)
πŸ‘Ÿ #ootd
Lunch buffet with @caymanwilson and family after a long long time. // 🍀🍣🍰 (at The Gallery Hotel)
Find arms that will hold you at your weakest times, eyes that will see your beauty at your ugliest times, and a heart that will love you at your worst. Happy 23th xoxo. @caymanwilson